Telesense Global Technical Advice Centre

Telesense Support is designed to provide the assistance and guidance required to operate mission critical systems while providing flexible additional services to maximize the value created by Telesense solutions.

"Exceptional service combined with expert Engineering Team ensures complete customer satisfaction and peace of mind.”
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We have carefully developed state-of-the art utilities to make remote  fixing much more efficient and time-saving for our customers.
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We know how valuable your time is. That's why we implement proven methods to fix your system as efficiently as possible.

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We have competent engineering staff at all levels, so whether your problem requires a simple fix or in-depth troubleshooting, it will be fixed fast and efficiently. 

Support 2.0

Telesense Tech Support team can confidently handle the myriad of Technology problems that our clients face on a daily basis. We understand just how frustrating technology issues can be. Think of us as your own personal help desk, without the excessive cost!